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The decisions you make regarding how and when you claim your Social Security Benefits will be among the largest and most complex financial decisions you will make. Being informed has become more important than ever. Due to provisions in the new Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, there are now time and age restrictions you should be aware of. These provisions may limit your ability to take advantage of some little-known claiming strategies that could dramatically affect the amount of Social Security benefits you are allowed to receive.

Most individuals are completely unaware of a few little-known strategies capable of greatly increasing your benefits. These strategies could help boost the amount of income you are able to receive in retirement. Due to new rules included as part of this law, being informed could potentially save you thousands of dollars in lost benefits! This is an opportunity to learn some crucial factors you should consider PRIOR TO APPLYING FOR SOCIAL SECURITY.

East Coast Financial of Central Florida will help you make an informed decision and discuss ways to help maximize your Social Security Benefits completely free. There is NO charge or hidden fees regarding our consultations. We also hold educational workshops in Orlando on “How to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits”.

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